How To Properly Care For Our Wigs, Bundles, and Extensions

How To Properly Care For Our Wigs, Bundles, and Extensions

  • 07 Dec 2021
  • Rondeen Walters

The longevity of your wig, bundles, and extensions depend a lot on your care and maintenance of your product:

Proper care is essential to the longevity of your pieces once purchased and received from our store. Each product on our website is 100% Human Hair and must always be treated with the same care and attention you show your own natural hair. 


Washing your piece or pieces helps to remove sweat, oils, and makeup if you apply it to your wig/extensions: 

We recommend using a Hydrated shampoo for best results because the products are 100% Human hair. This shampoo is specifically formulated for human hair and contains clean ingredients that will not disturb the hand knotted features such as the lace front part.


When washing the inside of your wig cap, and extensions please treat them with care:

After you wet you piece apply a small amount of shampoo to your hand and massage through the hair. On the inside of your wig caps or base material, start with cleaning the material by using circular motions with your fingers, This is especially helpful if you apply makeup to your wigs.


Caring for your pieces isn't entirely dependent on the hair care products you use:

Wearing a wig cap and securing your natural hair under the cap can protect the delicate materials. It also provides a barrier between the cap and your head which will allow the wigs to be put on more effortlessly and without use of force, Wearing a wig cap however is entirely up to your personal preference, but we do recommend wearing one under your wigs.


We recommend you incorporating these tips accordingly into all of you Blaq Dymond Hair care and maintenance routines so you can extend the life of your Wigs, Bundles. and Extensions.